Master of Primary Health Care Management
Special Track on Social Health Protection

A primary health care (PHC) approach is recognized as the most effective and suitable to address today’s health and health system challenges. A focus on Primary health care (PHC) has been acknowledged as an appropriate strategy for achieving equity, accessibility, and quality of health service, and the fundamental role of PHC to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) particularly health and well-being, is reaffirmed through the 2018 Astana Declaration.

In light of the importance of PHC as a sustainable approve for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) through Social Health Protection, the Master of Primary Health Care Management(MPHM) Special Track on Social Health Protection has been developed and offered since 1986 through the cooperation between ASEAN Institute for Health Development (AIHD), and the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The program focuses on the development of managerial and leadership skills for health managers, social health protection scheme managers, health insurance managers, social security scheme managers and health professionals, including medical doctors, paramedics, and other public health care professionals from all over the world, especially Asia.


The MPHM–special track in Social Health Protection is a unique program that aims to develop critical analysis of issues of primary health care and social health protection in order to enable students to acquire the necessary skills to devise appropriate social health protection schemes, and support relevant health policies reforms. The program focuses particularly on strategic purchasing in Health Systems, providing quality health care, Health Systems and Health Security Financing / social health protection, and health benefit package design.

Student Profiles

The program has been designed for current and future junior and Mid-career social protection experts, Public Health professionals, policy makers, relevant public administrations, independent of the geographical origin. Postgraduate students who are also considering a career in SHP and are interest in either planning, operation, analysis, advocacy, or research in the public sector or NGOs are also encouraged to apply.

Job option after graduation

  1. Executive Health on both purchaser and provider's side

  2. Academic Public Health or Health Policy related to Social Health Protection

  3. Public Health Analysis in Social Health Protection

Update: 28 June 2022