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Mahidol University Global Health (MUGH)


In recognition of contribution in healthcare industry as well as its dedication to improving life and bringing better health to the society, Mahidol University Global Health (MUGH) was initiated in October 2012 with the aim to bridge the gap between interdisciplinary faculties and network with other universities and organizations at the national, regional and global levels in the context of global health in order to achieve health equity for better health of all.


To develop cooperation among Mahidol faculties, universities and related partners to accelerate and implement the Global Health


To strengthen capacities of all parties and advocate global health policy especially in the region


  1. To create a platform for Global Health in Mahidol University and international partnership
  2. To organize the advocacy meetings with partners at national and international
  3. To create Global Health Education program including both of local and international short-term training programs
  4. To develop the Mahidol University Active Ageing Policy Watch Center (MAPC)



  1. สร้างขีดความสามารถ
    • Global health related academic degree programs, trainings and workshops are our vehicle to build and drive the collective capacities for local and international experts to play the key role in Global Health.
  2. วิจัย
    • MUGH partners and engages in research collaborative works on Global Health by generating insights, synthesizing Global Health related information and facilitating the development of research works on Global Gealth.
  3. เครือข่าย
    • MUGH aims to build partnership and collaboration among relevant partners and stakeholders on Global Health at the national, regional and global levels to contribute to developing and advocating the global health policy.