Master of Primary Health Care Management (International Program)


The Master of Primary Healthcare Management focuses on producing experts with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage primary healthcare problems and challenges. This curriculum focuses on producing graduates capable and competent health service/system managers,scholars , and researchers. Graduates will critically analyze current health problems and challenges related to primary healthcare management. They will demonstrate a broad understanding of knowledge and contexts in other fields of study to improve their leadership and management ability in primary healthcare management.The graduates will be able to improve primary healthcare systems at local and national levels.

Learning Outcome

  • Exhibits the responsibility, discipline and honesty in according to organizational rules, academic and professional ethics and morality.
  • Explain the interconnection of multidisciplinary knowledges associated to primary health care management.
  • Design research in primary health care management based on systematic process.
  • Defend in significant ways with questions or point of view or controversies about area of primary health care system.
  • Interact professionally when work as a team as both leader and member for solving and managing works assigned.
  • Perform statistical data analysis as they support evaluating, planning and managing the primary health care system.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively to an array of audiences for a range of purpose.
  • Use information technology effectively to support the study, research and their efforts to accomplish a specific purpose.

Career Paths after Graduation

  • Middle to top-level primary health care manager
  • Primary health care consultant
  • Research coordinator/manager
  • Government and civil servant leaders in primary health care management
  • Academic and professional leaders in primary health care management
  • Non-Government Organization managers/leaders and nonprofit executive director for managing primary health care at national and international level

Student's Voice