Library of ASEAN Institute for Health Developement
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AIHD library was established in 1985 as the Library of ASEAN Training Center for Primary Health Care Development (ATC/PHC). On 9th July 1987, Mahidol University Council voted to promote the ATC/PHC to full institute status with rights and privileges equivalent to other institutes and faculties in Mahidol University.
Since then, the library was upgraded to become the Library of ASEAN Institute for Health Development (AIHD). The library is located on the 2nd floor of the Administration Building, with 147.75 square meters of space. Its mission is to provide academic services to support the institution's mission that is divided to 3 areas:
  1. Provide transformative education for graduates to become a proficient leader in health system management and sustainability
  2. Enhance the capacity of the public health workforce in relation to sustainable health development
  3. Develop innovative research for sustainable health.
The library offers a large amount of information, publications and online databases to complete the coverage of the major disciplines and related disciplines required to support the integrated learning of various sciences. In addition, the library also has a strict acquisition process so that it has quality textbooks, by striving to be a leading library in primary health and the health service system in ASEAN region.
Currently, the library has complete information and has a work system to connect to the library networks both inside and outside the university. It is ready to be a source of academic learning for personnel, students and the general public; with good service according to the international standards.

Library Resources
  • ASEAN Corner    70 items
  • Epidemiology Corner   116 items
  • General Stack   11,835 items
  • HIV/AIDS Corner   282 items
  • Homeopathy Corner   23 items
  • Institute Repository   83 items
  • Journal   20 items
  • Reference   392 items
  • Research   926 items
  • Thesis   1,871 items

Library Services
  1. Check-In/Check –Out
  2. Search Mahidol Library Catalogs
  3. Mahidol Book Delivery
  4. Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
  5. Document Delivery
  6. Membership

Research Support
  1. Library Orientation
  2. Library Training
  3. Electronic Database Searching
  4. Full text Services
  5. Endnote
  6. Turnitin Plagiarism Checker
  7. Reference Checks
  8. Publishing Support Services

Loaning Policy
    Users must borrow using the member card
    • Library member card is a personal privilege and responsibility and is non-transferable.
    • Users have to strictly abide by the rules of the library.
    • The library loan is on a type of user basis.
    • Lending is not allowed for some type of materials: reference books, current journals.

Book Borrowing Rights
  • Undergraduate Student    10 items/10 days
  • Graduate Student  15 items/15 days
  • University Staff  20 items/20 days
  • Short Term Staff      10 items/10 days
  • Remarks : Users are not permitted to borrow an item more than 3 consecutive times

Overdue Fines
  • General Book, Thesis, Research 5 baht /day
  • Journal 30 baht /day

Replacement Policy
  • Each library member card 100 baht /item
  • Each book  200 baht /item
  • Plus book price (cash or replacement book)

Service Hours
  • Mondays to Fridays 8.30 – 16.30
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and official holidays   Close

  • Tel: +66 2441 9040-3 ext.49
  • E-mail:
  • Facebook: Aihd-Library Mahidol